Those of us with marginalized identities can be misunderstood, dismissed, and even hated. Life can be lonely, stressful, and even dangerous. And sometimes we drink to cope. But that can change. It's possible for those of us who experience discrimination to reframe our relationship with alcohol so that we can live our lives to the fullest.

Reframe Your Relationship with Alcohol

Live Life to the Fullest

Are You Ready to...

  • Relate to pain, isolation, and social injustices with self-care?

  • Approach life's challenges with

      autonomy and personal power? 

  • Develop supportive relationships without stigma and shame?

  • Cultivate your creativity, awaken

       your spirit, and thrive?

Framed Paintings

All of this and more is possible when you reframe your relationship with alcohol. 


Hi. I'm Elizabeth. And I no longer drink to medicate physical, emotional, and social pain. I know from experience that reframing your relationship with alcohol is possible when you celebrate who you are and access your power from within.

Do You Want to Discover What's Possible?

You truly have the power within to reframe your relationship with alcohol. And having the support you need along the way can make it possible. I offer a framework that enables you to define your own success while setting your own pace. Because you're meant to create a fulfilling life that you can celebrate. 


​Kintsugi is the Japanese art of restoring pottery with a golden lacquer, cementing together its fragmented pieces. Every fragment is a beautiful part of its whole to be celebrated.

Are You Ready to Celebrate Yourself?